Capio Live Interpreters strives for high-quality service for its customers. Therefore, Capio only allows qualified, self-employed, professional interpreters to work via Capio. They are invited to show their interest in working via Capio.

After you have submitted your application as an interpreter via ‘Sign-up’, Capio checks your background as an interpreter. You will receive a personal message of your acceptance and the manual for interpreters. After that you are ready to start as an interpreter. You can find the current code of conduct according to which the interpreters have to work on this website. By registrating you’ll accept the code of conduct interpreters and the general terms and conditions.

If you want to sign up or already have access to the Capio applications, press the hyperlink below and make your choice.

VISIT OUR: Interpreter Portal

‘Submit’ if you are already registered and accepted to work as an interpreter via Capio.

Or ‘Sign up’ to become an Interpreter and send in your request to work via Capio.


  • Customers work via the Capio-app and interpreters work via the interpreter portal via our website.
  • Interested in interpreter support yourself, you can also download the Capio-app. The registration process is the same as that of a customer, see elsewhere on this website, but you should use a different e-mail address than you use within the interpreting portal.

Some example screenshots of the portal:

Portal Interpreter - Sign up
Portal Interpreter – Sign up
Portal Interpreter - My Profile
Portal Interpreter – My Profile
Portal Interpreter - Calender
Portal Interpreter – Calender