Capio Live Interpreters will go live during this spring and will start with several language combinations.
If you are a certified interpreter active within one of these language combinations and are interested in being an interpreter for Capio Live Interpreters please fill in the form and send it.


my Native Language is:
The Country I live in:

I am a specialist in language combination(s):
Dutch <-> English Yes/No
Dutch <-> German Yes/No
Dutch <-> French Yes /No
Dutch <-> Spanish Yes/No
Dutch <-> Italian Yes/No
Dutch <-> Turkish Yes/No
Dutch <-> Moroccan Arabic Yes/No
Dutch <-> Chinese (Mandarin)
None of these combinations
(Of gewoon met vinkjes, dat is wellicht makkelijker)

My Specialism is:
Medical Yes/No
Legal Yes/No
Technical Yes/No
Business Yes/No
Other …
I am not specialized Yes/No
(Please note that multiple answers are allowed)

I am a certified interpreter: Yes/No
I am a member of one or more local interpreter or translation organisation(s): Yes/No
The name(s) of these organisation(s):

Phone number:
E-mail address: