Capio Live Interpreters

Capio Live Interpreters services different languaged interlocutors to fully understand each other during their conversation. By making use of Capio you immediately get the interpreter at your disposal.

The interpreter of your choice can easily be integrated in the conversation in audio as well as video. The selected interpreter of flesh and blood will use local aspects such as culture and traditions of your counterparts to help you get your message through and proactively helps you to achieve your goals.

Capio Live Interpreters provides you with 24/7 remote support of live interpreters; fast, simple, worldwide and at a reasonable price. This real time application enables you to select the available interpreter of your choice based on language, experience, specialism and integrates the interpreter forthwith on beforehand or during your conversation and is available on the spot throughout the world.
Especially in corporate business there is a strong need for a sound support of interpreters at any moment to be guaranteed of correct and effective communication.

There can be a need for immediate language assistance when your company is active in international trade. To be successful in your communication with customers, suppliers or collagues download the Capio-app and choose the interpreter yourself. Interpreter support within your company-building! Install the Capio-app on your iPad (wifi required).

Interpreters interested in international work via Capio Live Interpreters can register as an interpreter elsewhere on this website. Interpreters work the via ‘Capio interpreter portal’.

Capio customers can invite their foreign-language business relations (for example, customers, prospects, suppliers) to download the Capio-app and use it for free. No matter how far you are physically spaced, conversation participants can fully understand each other in their conversation. Invited users can download the app elsewhere on this website. Invitees don’t have to create an account.