You can be invited by one of the Capio customers to join a conversation. In this way Capio enables that both the foreign-languaged Capio customer and you can be sure your conversation is reliable and you fully understand each other, no matter what your locations are.

Invite a (third) discussion participant (invitee):

  • All participants need their own device and must have the Capio-app installed on beforehand to the conversation.
  • On beforehand invitees simply download and install the Capio-app for free from the App Store.

Customers decide if and when invitees are integrated in the conversation.
As soon as the Capio customer wishes to invite additional participants to join the conversation, he/she presses the ‘person +’ button of the conversation screen. An access code (= conversation code) is immediately copied to the customers clipboard to ‘paste’ into an SMS-message, Whapp-message or e-mail to send it to the invitees during the conversation. Another option is to announce the ‘conversation code’ to the participant by a normal telephone. The original connection with the interpreter always remains open during inviting new participant(s).

  • Invitees do not have to complete a registration in full like customers do, they just enter their name and the conversation code to join the conversation. Their name will be displayed on the screens of all the conversation participants.
  • To actually join the conversation invitee copies or types the received conversation code in menu option “Join directly” in the opening screen of the Capio-app.
  • Invitees usage of the Capio-app is for free without prior registration. Invitees can’t start conversations with interpreters themselves, therefore they need a full registration as a customer.
  • Registered customers can use their Capio-app for customers as an invitee as well.